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I would like to take you on a journey of where and how my love for food started, the dreams my father and I had (which I STILL have today). Its not a cookbook or recipe book as such it is more like a journal of the memories I have around food and how I make them. Despite having a business and selling food I have no issue with sharing what I know, the taste is in the love you have for cooking.
Most of my childhood memories are around food from eating it, selling it, buying it or creating it.


One very old memory that stands out is FAMILY BREAKFAST on a Saturday morning, it didn’t matter what needed to be done that day but having breakfast together on a Saturday morning was always the number 1 priority. My late father (May he be granted a high place in Jannah) was always creative and always put his own spin on the typical breakfast. My father fried the most amazing eggs and it is really so simple, there is nothing to it really, it is just a technique. Getting the butter to sizzle and bubble just the right amount then dipping your finger in the foaminess of the butter and tasting that salty greatness and also remembering to not brown the butter. That’s when you know the butter is ready for the egg to be added. Crack of black pepper and some salt, spooning the melted butter continuously over the egg. We preferred sunny side up so we didn’t always flip the egg, but if you want it flipped then do it right as you about to take the egg out the pan and flip it and then take the egg out, it will be the perfectly fried egg with the perfect white film over the yolk. Fried spiced beef or chilli polony was a must to go with the egg as well as pan fried toast the kind that soaks up all the butter. So now the only way I will have a fried egg is with fried polony or spiced beef and pan toast. This is tradition I try to carry on in my own family, I feel that it is really important. Despite having very busy and fussy kids I still enjoy that we have breakfast together.